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Artificial grass & other budget garden reception ideas

Are you hosting a party or planning a wedding reception in your garden and looking to keep the costs down, but still want to create magical moments? With artificial grass, your memories will be captured in amazing technicolour.

One of the worries about hosting a garden reception is that the weather takes a turn for the worst, resulting in the once inviting grass morphing into a sea of mud. Hardly the setting fit for a day of bliss, and not something that you would particularly care to look back on in the photo album.

In order to ensure that your garden reception looks as great as you imagined it, without breaking the bank, we have put together a few ideas below:

Mud should not be an issue

Your garden reception is not a music festival, and you shouldn’t have to request your guests to bring their wellies in the case of bad weather. Everyone wants to look their best in order to feel their best, and the same goes for your garden.

Take mud out of the issue with artificial grass, ensuring that your garden is as pristine as the bride’s wedding gown. With a synthetic surface, you don’t have to worry about numerous shoes ripping up the turf, and you needn’t think twice about potential rainfall turning the grass to mud.


At its best, the British summer can be just as attractive as any Caribbean heatwave, but it is nowhere near as consistent. Showers can dampen our spirits at any given moment, so it is smart to be prepared.

By erecting a gazebo in your garden, whether it is a large tent that covers most of the garden or something smaller, guests will have somewhere to retreat to in case of rain. Even if there is no rain casting a cloud over the big day, a gazebo will still be a welcome addition where guests can find some much-needed shade.

Garden Furniture

With guests around for a reception in the garden, they will want somewhere to sit down. Furniture doesn’t have to cost the earth as even the cheapest set of tables and chairs can be spruced up with the right throw over.

When your garden is adequately weatherproofed, with artificial grass and a gazebo for cover, and enough seating for all of your guests to sit down and socialise with one and other, you will be left with the kind of memories that will make you smile for many years to come.

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