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Lush Green Solutions for Every Space
Discover the art of creating a lush and inviting landscape with the leading artificial grass installation company and our artificial grass solutions. Our team of specialists combines years of experience and cutting-edge technology to transform any outdoor space into a vibrant oasis.
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Evergreen Bliss - Your Artificial Grass Specialists
Whether you have a residential property, commercial space, or sports facility, our experts will work closely with you to customize the perfect artificial grass installation in Dubai, UAE to meet your specific needs and requirements. From design to installation, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations.
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Transforming Outdoor Spaces with Innovative Artificial Grass Company in Dubai
Step into a world where traditional grass is reimagined, and possibilities are limitless. Our artificial grass specialists are here to revolutionize your outdoor space with innovative synthetic turf solutions that combine beauty, durability, and functionality.
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Our Products

Exquisite Range of Artificial Ecograss Products

Our Applications

Sports Artificial Grass

Sports Artificial Grass Ecograss - the premier destination for top-quality artificial grass solutions designed specifically

School Artificial Grass

Ecograss brings innovation and beauty to school campuses with our exceptional artificial grass solutions. Transform

Retail Artificial Grass

Ecograss is the ultimate destination for transforming retail spaces with our exceptional artificial grass solutions.

Lawns Artificial Grass

Lawns Artificial Grass Eco grass is the perfect solution for a green garden though out

Home Artificial Grass

Home Artificial Grass Ecograss brings the beauty of nature to your doorstep with our exceptional

Events Artificial Grass

Events Artificial Grass Create unforgettable experiences with Ecograss’ exceptional artificial turf solutions in Dubai that

Why Ecograss?


Unleashing the power of efficiency, we provide you with the remarkable ability to save time and effortlessly cut down on lawn maintenance expenses. Our artificial grass solution extends its generous hand to a diverse range of individuals and institutions, including homeowners seeking respite, the elderly needing relief from relentless upkeep, second-home owners yearning for tranquil escapes, and esteemed organizations such as schools, hotels, and hospitals.

No Watering

Artificial grass is ideal where water is scarce or the expense to maintain a garden is comparatively high. For those on water meters, artificial grass ensures there’s no wastage of water – during warm weather, it’s estimated that as much as 40% of residential water is used to irrigate lawns.

More Eco-conscious

Choosing an artificial grass company in Dubai means contributing to a greener future. They are meticulously crafted with the latest technology to replicate the look and feel of natural grass, while significantly reducing the carbon footprint by not using pesticides or harmful chemicals to maintain the freshness of grass.

Durability With Visual Appeal

Designed to withstand the test of time, it offers long-lasting resilience while maintaining its lush green beauty. Say goodbye to maintenance hassles and welcome a vibrant, picture-perfect lawn that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Natural Looking

Our artificial garden turf products flawlessly mimic real grass, without the hassle of maintenance. You will see that our bi-color models are extremely close to natural grass. ​Its meticulously crafted fibers, varying shades of green, and textured blades create an incredibly realistic and natural appearance.

The quality of products offered by Ecograss is so premium that you don’t have to worry about it once installed. We offer 10 years of warranty so that you can just sit back and relax.
About Us

Artificial grass supplier in Dubai

Ecograss Middle East is an eco-friendly artificial grass company based in Dubai. With a highly experienced and professional team, Ecograss is dedicated to fulfilling all kinds of artificial grass-related requirements in the region. Our focus is on providing premium quality products and excellent services to ensure customer satisfaction. As our name suggests, Ecograss is committed to being environmentally friendly.

Our artificial grass eliminates the need for fertilization, chemicals, mowing, and most importantly, watering. This sustainable approach has made Ecograss a favorite among clients in the region, as we offer premium quality and affordable eco-friendly artificial grass solutions.


What We do

Ecograss provides a maintenance service to make your existing artificial grass lawn look new again.
Service includes removal of dust, dirt, leaves and other debris with a power broom or brush with stiff bristles. power washing and silica sand infill.

Landscaping is the art of transforming outdoor spaces into captivating and functional environments….

Nowadays, swimming pools are more than just square basins filled…

A pergola, an outdoor structure that provides isolation and shade, creates a lovely location for leisure…

Landscaping is the art of transforming outdoor spaces into captivating and functional…

We understand that water conservation is crucial, which is why we offer…

Artificial grass maintenance – Following a routine cleaning process by rinsing the product and brushing it on a regular basis.


Ready to transform your outdoor space and buy quality artificial grass in Dubai? Whether you have questions, need advice, or want a personalized quote, our dedicated team is here to guide you toward a greener, more vibrant future. Reach out to the leading artificial grass suppliers in Dubai, UAE today and experience exceptional service!

Our Clients


Our Artificial Grass Transformations

Browse through our stunning gallery and witness the transformation artificial grass brings to outdoor spaces. Get inspired by captivating visuals and envision the possibilities for your own lush and beautiful landscape.


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